At Livo we have found the perfect solution for cheap transport of your furniture in Greater Copenhagen. Maybe you are about to move or have just found a nice sofa far away?

Or you might have a smaller company and want to offer flexible shipment of furniture to your customers in Copenhagen?

Just imagine that you could share the shipping with others so that it would first of all become cheaper but also more sustainable. If we could fill up all of the empty vehicles driving around the roads in Copenhagen anyway, we would help both each other and the environment!

Together we can make cheap transport of furniture become a reality, and we think that it’s a clear win-win! What do you think?🚚📦

It doesn’t cost a fortune to move your furniture in Copenhagen

Shipment of furniture no longer has to be expensive and complicated – neither in a big city as Copenhagen. But “what does a moving cost then?”, you might be thinking. At Livo we definitely don’t think it should cost a fortune!

The price of moving varies according to how much and what you want to transport. At Livo you can quickly receive an offer from our transport partners and from those who are driving around in Greater Copenhagen daily with an empty vehicle anyway. You will be directly in touch with the transporter which makes the shipping and transport much more personal🤝.

If you would like to know more about how cheap Livo is compared to other transport solutions, you can read more in our former blog post right here.

You can quickly become part of the Livo community by downloading the app here:

In that way, you will avoid problems with transport in all of Copenhagen and can easily plan your moving or commercial transport. Once you have downloaded the app you can upload a photo and a short description of the things that need to be shipped.

Now all you have to do is just to lean back and await the offers from Livo’s transport partners!

While you are waiting we want to give you a helping hand by sharing some practical tips and tricks with you so that your moving and transport can become even more efficient and safe. So keep hanging on!😀

Transport of furniture - Take good care of your stuff!

At Livo we know that things got value. We believe that if we take good care of the furniture and recycle them, their lifetime can be prolonged, and thus they will end up creating even bigger value!


So here we have collected some useful tips for you to be prepared for the transport and to take extra good care of your furniture:

1. Find the cheapest and best transport solution

There is a lot to save if you initially research different transport options. By keeping the transport expenses at a minimum, you will also maintain the value of your furniture – As if the transport of a sofa costs more than the sofa itself, it might not be worth the trouble. Luckily it’s easy to find both cheap and safe transport and Livo will happily give you a helping hand🥳.

2. Prepare the transport

It’s a good idea to prepare your things for the transport as much as possible. Take good care of your furniture and stuff by covering them up with either bubble wrap, cardboard, or an old blanket. The transporter will normally do everything it takes to take good care of your furniture but this way you will have even better conditions to ensure a top-safe transport👌.

3. Give as much information as possible to the transporter

Avoid unnecessary surprises by ensuring that you give as much information as possible to the transporter. It can for instance be the exact measurements of the furniture, a detailed description of the things, and the exact addresses. Clear communication is important and will eventually ensure you a stress-free move!🙌

4. Consider disassembling your furniture

If you can easily disassemble your furniture it will help protect them during the transport. Furniture that is disassembled is, first of all, easier to transport but it also reduces the risk of damage during the transport. Though we don’t recommend disassembling your furniture into atoms (remember that you will have to assemble them again😉) but bigger parts that can easily be demounted and assembled again can make a big difference.

Are you ready to transport your furniture in Greater Copenhagen or would you like to know more? our next blog post right here you can read more about —, otherwise, you are of course always welcome to contact us here!

We are looking forward to helping you with your transport!🥳

Easily download the Livo app right here: