You’ve found a beautiful dining table in Ikea, a new bed from Jysk, or maybe some very unique chairs from DBA. The price is excellent, and the furniture would fit perfectly with your interior design but there is just one issue; How will you get them delivered to you?

Maybe you don’t have a car or a trailer yourself, maybe you just want to save both time and money on the transport, and what is easier than ordering transport directly from your phone with a few clicks? With Livo you can quickly get access to a network filled with people like you and me who are driving around the streets of Greater Copenhagen anyway with an empty car or trailer – And they would love to bring your stuff on the run!😃

Campaign: Extra cheap prices all of June 2022

By sharing the transport we will be able to keep the prices at a minimum. You will avoid driving both back and forth – Relax at home while your items are being delivered! What’s not to like?


All of June 2022 you can also save some extra on the transport when ordering with the discount code “Livo249”💸.

This way all deliveries in Greater Copenhagen only cost 249 kr. all of June so no matter if you are moving to a new student housing, need to update your interior design, or if you have found a new recycled item that you need to transport to your home there is a lot to save with the discount code “Livo249”.


The discount code can be used when ordering transport with the Livo app. You can download the app through App Store or Google Play.

Step-by-step guide: How to get cheap transport in Greater Copenhagen in June 2022

Ordering transport with the Livo app is simple and fast – Here you will find a short step-by-step guide on how to order transport in Greater Copenhagen with the discount code “Livo249”:

Step 1)

Download the Livo app on App Store or Google Play. If you like many others already downloaded the app, you can of course skip this step😁.

Step 2)

Upload a photo of the items you need to get transported in Greater Copenhagen. Now you just have to await the bids from the Livo transporters🛻.

Step 3)

Accept a bid and fill in the discount code “Livo249” when paying💸. This way you can make sure to get your delivery for only 249 kr. no matter what. This offer is only valid for all of June 2022!

Step 4)

Your things will be delivered within 48 hours!⏰ Open your door when the Livo transporter is passing by with your items🙌.

Frequently asked questions about transport in Greater Copenhagen;

To make the transport even easier for you we will reply to some of the frequently asked questions about transport in Greater Copenhagen and our June campaign.

1) Do you only transport furniture?

No, with Livo you can get both your furniture and many other things transported – That could for example be your bike, a dog cage, or similar. Everything that you need to get transported except full moving loads, pallets filled with things, or other very heavy items.

2) What does it mean that you deliver within Greater Copenhagen?

Livo transports things in Greater Copenhagen. This means that you can get your items delivered in Copenhagen and within a 25 kilometers radius of Copenhagen.

3) Who are the Livo transporters?

Our Livo transporters are normal people just like you and me. They often drive around with an empty trunk, an empty trailer, or a van and therefore they are able to earn some extra by bringing your stuff on the road. This way it’s a clear win-win for both parties! You will save money on transport while helping to fill up the empty cars already driving around the roads of Greater Copenhagen.

4) Can I become a Livo transporter myself?

Yes, indeed! You can easily apply to become a Livo transporter right here. After filling out the application, we will look through it and reach out to you as soon as possible.


If you often drive around with an empty trunk, you can easily earn some extra every day. At times there will also be tasks that can be completed by bike – so everything is possible!

5) For how long will the discount code be valid?

The discount code is only valid until the 30th of June – so hurry if you want to take advantage of the offer!

Are you ready to transport your furniture or would you like to know more? In our previous blog post right here you can read more about —, otherwise, you are of course always welcome to contact us here!

We are looking forward to helping you with your transport!🥳

Easily download the Livo app right here: