Is it worth it to bring your furniture when moving within Greater Copenhagen? Is it better to hire a professional moving company or is it time to exchange your furniture and buy new ones? Many questions and considerations can arise if you have to move or transport furniture around Copenhagen. Moving with furniture can be complicated and there are many things to keep track of.


Therefore we have put together a checklist and a lot of great tips and tricks to make your moving of furniture in Copenhagen even more stress-free. No matter if you want to bring a piece of furniture to your new home or often buy secondhand and cheap furniture in a nice design that you need to transport, please keep on reading and let Livo guide you all along!😍

How to move furniture the best way in Greater Copenhagen

There are several ways to move furniture around Greater Copenhagen. It makes a difference whether you need to move several pieces of furniture at once or just a single piece. In this article we will have a look at what pays off most if you only have a few pieces of furniture and not an entire moving load:

1. Rent a moving trailer:

You can often rent a bigger trailer for a small fee in Copenhagen and the nearby area. This just requires that you have got a car with a towbar and of course that you are able to find an available trailer nearby and have got the time to drive back and forth. If you often need to transport a thing or two around Copenhagen and do not have an entire moving load this might not be the best solution for you.


  • Expenses: Fuel, fees for the trailer, and insurance.
  • Time consumption: You will have to both transport your furniture and pick up and drop off the trailer afterward.

2. Hire a professional moving company:

Some also choose to hire a professional moving company around Copenhagen to transport their furniture or things. This is often a rather expensive solution as a bigger firm is behind and several movers involved will need salary all along. If you are only looking to get a few pieces of furniture moved this will most likely be a rather expensive solution.


  • Expenses: The movers’ salaries, fuel, etc.
  • Time consumption: You will often spend time coordinating the transport, sending information about the furniture, etc.

3. Move your furniture with a passenger car:

If it’s a small piece of furniture you can also choose to transport it yourself in a passenger car. If you are ready to start driving around the traffic of Copenhagen, this is often an easier solution but can also wear on the car especially if it’s a smaller car and the furniture is taking up space. Except for this, it’s important to consider the safety as you would of course still have to be able to use the side mirrors, etc. when driving.


  • Expenses: Fuel back and forth.
  • Time consumption: You will spend time loading the car and transporting your stuff.

4. Find cheap shipping with Livo:

Many use Livo to transport furniture and other things in Greater Copenhagen and by sharing the shipping with others you can make the transport way cheaper and more sustainable🌿. This solution is ideal if you only have a few things or just a few pieces of furniture that need to be moved but if you have an entire moving load we would recommend one of the solutions above instead. By downloading the Livo app you will be able to connect with other people who are driving around Copenhagen anyway with extra space in their car🛻.


  • Expenses: The transport expense is shared with others and is therefore often lower.
  • Time consumption: You will avoid spending time on the transport yourself and only have to upload a picture and a description of your furniture.

Download easily the Livo app right here:

Conclusion: The best way to move a few pieces of furniture in the area of Copenhagen

If you only need to move a couple of things or a few pieces of furniture at once it might not be worth it to rent an entire moving trailer or to hire a professional moving company. In a case like that sharing the shipping can be a good and ideal solution and you can quickly get an overview of your transport options in all of Copenhagen by downloading the Livo app!😉

How to move furniture around - Tips and tricks

We hope that you have now got an overview of the different transport options for your things🙌. No matter which solution you choose we have collected some extra tips and tricks below for moving your furniture around.

1. How to move heavy furniture

When moving heavy furniture it’s extra important to take good care of your back! It’s a good idea to use a moving dolly or to put the furniture on an old blanket so you can easily push it around. The most important thing is that you get through the process unharmed – so no matter how strong you are be aware of how you lift💪.


Bend your knees slightly and put one foot a bit in front of the other before you start lifting to spare your back and use helping tools when possible such as a trolley or a moving dolly to move your furniture.

2. How to prepare your furniture for the moving

It’s not only your back that needs to be spared during the moving but also your furniture. You can give your furniture a helping hand by preparing them for the transport:


  • Wrap them up in protective packagings such as bubble wrap, cardboard, or an old blanket so you will avoid scratches and damage.
  • Disassemble your furniture into bigger parts if possible – this will make the shipping easier and protect them during the transport!
  • Make sure that the furniture is empty (check drawers, shelves, etc.), that no nails and screws are sticking out anywhere, and disassemble the legs of the furniture and remove any shelves or other loose parts.

We hope that you are now better prepared to move with furniture. Remember to take good care of yourself and that it’s better to ask for help with bigger pieces of furniture – with Livo you can for sure get fast help with the transport!😎


Are you curious and want to know more? In our next blog article here, you can read more about —–, otherwise, you are always welcome to contact us right here!


We are looking forward to helping with your transport!🥳


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