Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data about users of Livo

1. Introduction

This personal data policy applies in connection with any use of ApS ‘application for iOS / Iphone, Android and (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”). ApS protects your personal information, and we are very aware of the need for appropriate protection and proper processing of the personal information we receive from you. In the following, you can read how ApS processes your personal information.

According to the applicable personal data legislation, ApS is considered data responsible in relation to the information we collect about you in connection with your use of the Service. Below you can find all relevant contact information: ApS
Østerlund 11
7400 Herning
CVR no. 41160071

The personal data policy, together with the general conditions for the use of the Service, constitutes the applicable agreement basis between you and ApS.

2. What personal information does the Service process about you?

When you visit our website and app, the following information about you is collected:

The above information is obtained by means of cookies, and reference is therefore made to the current cookie policy, which contains a more detailed description of the conditions for obtaining, storing, passing on and deleting the above information. You can always find the cookie policy freely available on’s website and app, and you will also be asked to accept our cookie policy when you click on our website.
When you use the Service, this presupposes that ApS collects certain personal information about you. The first time you use the Service, you must log in either via your Facebook login information or with your phone number and user information. It is therefore a prerequisite for using the Service that you have one of these logins and will use this to create a user in the Service.
If you have chat messages with other users of the Service, trusted employees at ApS will have the opportunity to access it in the database ‘Chats’ (messages between users in the Service) as they work every day to improve the app. No one can see or log in to your profile as it requires a one-time code linked to your phone number or email.
If you log in via your Facebook profile, the Service collects the following personal information about you from your Facebook profile:


Age group

Birthday date


Cover image


Your Facebook ID

If you are verified on Facebook

If you log in with your telephone number and user information, the Service collects the following personal information about you:



Email address

Phone number

3. What is the purpose of the treatment? ApS collects the above information to be able to administer your use of the Service and to be able to follow the transport of the goods, just as the purpose is to document that the delivery of the goods has taken place.
The purpose of collecting personal information from your Facebook profile is to be able to verify your user information and to be able to create a profile for the Service on the basis of this information.
The purpose of collecting telephone number is to be able to verify your user information via a one-time code that is received via SMS and then used to login and access your user on the Livo App.
The personal information is processed for the purpose of sending electronic mail and SMS to you, as well as for the purpose of direct marketing in the form of targeting banners, retargeting, exposure on social media and to send newsletters and other relevant marketing regarding’s product range and services.

4. How long does ApS store your personal information? ApS only stores your personal information for as long as this is necessary to fulfill the above purposes. This means that we store the above personal information as long as you have installed the Service or as long as you have a valid user profile.
If you delete the Service, we will continue to store the personal information associated with your user profile, cf. section 2 of this policy. This means that you have the opportunity to use the same profile if you again decide to download and use the Service. You have consented to this storage in connection with your acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

5. Who does ApS pass on your personal information to? ApS passes on your personal information to the Transporter in order for it to assess a transport request on the basis of your location, and to be able to carry out a transport service correctly.
In addition to the above cases, the Service does not pass on your personal information to third parties.

6. Secure processing of your personal data ApS treats all personal information confidentially, and we have taken a number of technical and organizational security measures with the aim of protecting your personal information against accidental or illegal destruction or alteration, and against it coming to the knowledge of unauthorized persons, misused or otherwise treated in violation. with personal data legislation.
However, be aware that no system is ever completely secure. All data that you enter in our platform is stored in our database encrypted. The connection between the form you enter the information in and our database is encrypted via an SSL connection. In addition, your data is encrypted with a salt that is personal to you, therefore no one will be able to decrypt the data by looking at it in the database. We recommend that you:
You can have your data deleted from us at any time by reaching out to us by email. Please note, however, that we cannot delete your data if you continue to use the application.

7. Right to insight into your personal information, possibility of deletion and right of appeal

It is described above which personal information ApS processes about you, what the basis for this is and how long it is stored, as we have a duty to inform you about this. If you have questions about this or want further information, you are always welcome to contact ApS.
You have the right to have your personal information disclosed on a readable medium as well as the right to correct incorrect or misleading personal information that is registered about you. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data or request a restriction in the processing thereof.
If you wish to exercise your rights, you must send a request to ApS. You can contact ApS by writing to this e-mail address: [email protected]
In addition to the above, you also have the opportunity to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about the processing of your personal data. However, if you have any objections to our processing of your personal data, we would very much like to hear from you.
You must also be aware that you can always revoke the consent (s) you have given ApS in connection with your login to the Service. You can do this by contacting the Service at the following [email protected]