Are you looking to ship furniture from Jutland to Zealand? Then we’ve definitely found the easy solution for you! To arrange transport and shipment of bigger things such as a 3-seater sofa or other furniture can seem both complicated and everlasting.


At Livo we make it simple and easy for you to quickly find cheap and personal transportation of furniture – Want to know how? Please keep on reading!

How to quickly find transport from Jutland to Zealand

We recognize the problem: Maybe you are in the middle of moving or have found a pretty sofa in the other end of Copenhagen that would just fit perfectly with your interior design? Getting your furniture delivered can seem comprehensive and expensive but at Livo we definitely think that the shipment shouldn’t be your backstop!

We want to offer you more flexible and cheaper shipment opportunities in Greater Copenhagen and together we can strive towards more sustainable transport🌍

Therefore you will here find our step-by-step guide for efficient moving:

  • Step 1:
    Download the Livo app in App Store🙌
  • Step 2:
    Create an ad with a description of the things you want to get transported🛋️
  • Step 3: Relax, lean back, and await the bids from Livo’s transporters! 🤌

We will connect you with people who already have extra space in their car and together with the Livo transporters, you can arrange your own personal and flexible transportation – it can be just that simple to get your new chaise longue sofa or dresser delivered!


But maybe now you’ve got even more questions? Have no fear, Livo is here!😉
Below we will share our secret ingredient with you so that you can quickly become 100% ready for moving!

How can transport from Jutland to Zealand be this cheap?

We know that it might seem too good to be true – Isn’t there a “but” you might ask yourself? And no, there is actually none!


At Livo we are able to make transport simple and cheap, and the secret is that we get together as a community. We create a strong community where we help each other out, taking advantage of all the resources already driving around the roads of Denmark🚚.

Help Ninna move from Aalborg to Copenhagen

To give you an idea of Livo’s prices we have set up a fictitious case about Ninna who needs her stuff moved from Aalborg to Copenhagen – Cause what does it actually cost, and which will be the smartest solution for Ninna?


Ninna is looking forward to moving back to Copenhagen after some nice and fun years of studying in Jutland. It’s spring, the birds are singing, and Ninna is starting her research to find the cheapest transport solution. She is looking forward to moving closer to family and old friends again and is therefore in a hurry to find the absolute best shipping option. She really wants to bring her beautiful and quite new 2-seater sofa with her as it would just fit perfectly in her new apartment at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.


At first, she thought she was blinded by the sun but when she held her hand above her eyes and was able to see the screen properly, she realized that it was actually true – Livo is quite cheap compared to others 😎.


In the table below you will find the result of Ninna’s research. This is how cheap Livo is compared to other transport and shipping solutions:

Livo Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3
585 kr. + 7% servicegebyr (41 kr.) 875 kr. 1.200 kr. 4.460 kr.

The table is based on the transport of a 2-seater sofa from Aalborg to Copenhagen, and the prices are examples that may vary according to the measurements of the furniture.

Are you curious to know more? In our next blog post here, you can read more about cheap transportation of furniture, otherwise, you are always welcome to contact us right here!


We are indeed looking forward to helping you out with your shipment!🥳


Easily download the Livo app right here: