The green and innovative front-runner in coffee is Peter Larsen Kaffe.

The innovative front-runner in coffee, circularity and sustainability are thought into all levels of innovation, is Peter Larsen Kaffe.

Ambitions and initiatives are inspiring;

We believe in community, where we can invite people to create solutions and products that can help the coffee industry in a more circular direction.” 

It is not just about Peter Larsen Kaffe in their future, which is why they have taken the initiative as co-creators of the Circular Coffee Community, a platform where insights, experiences, and skills are shared to develop innovative circular initiatives, processes, products, and services throughout the coffee value chain.

With more than 120 years of experience producing coffee, we can call Peter Larsen Kaffe a ”coffee expert”. 

Watch the video where Emma, who is the Community Coordinator at Peter Larsen Kaffe, talks about their DNA and initiatives for a greener future.

Focusing on the coffee bean for a long time, it has been found in recent years that we use less than 1% of the coffee when brewing a cup of coffee.

We choose to see the great potential and open up to ideas

With coffee grounds, silverskin, cascara, the coffee plant and its leaves, which are some of the waste products, Peter Larsen Kaffe sees opportunities and believes that with the right ideas and technologies to use the waste products in a circular process, will be an excellent start to a greener coffee value chain. 

Silverskin, a thin inner shell that pops off when you roast the bean.

Cascara is the pulp around the coffee berry

Less than 0.1 of the waste in Peter Larsen Kaffe’s value chain is in their production in Viborg.

”Yes, 100% circular coffee by 2030 is a huge goal, but we also know we shouldn’t try to do it ourselves. Our Circular Coffee Community is where we reach out and have already had several exciting collaborations, such as the example of the compostable coffee cup.” 
”The fact that we make a small difference, can have a big impact on the coffee industry, for a more circular coffee future”



Interesting facts when we talk about coffee

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage and traded commodity worldwide. We drink 2.2 billion cups of coffee a day worldwide. (ie 2,200,000,000 cups of coffee)

Certifications and what kind of influence do they have on the future?

Certifications are tools we use to look after raw coffee, which is the foundation for the coffee we drink today. Peter Larsen Kaffe achieved back in 2021 its goal of having all its products certified. 

3 most used coffee certifications: 

  • Fairtrade, farmers or producers receive a fair price for the raw material, produced under proper conditions for people and the environment. Peter Larsen Kaffe was the first to introduce Fairtrade coffee in Denmark in 1995
  • The Rainforest Alliance is when the product is produced, consideration is taken into account to the environment and sustainability, which i.a. Rainforests of the world. 
  • Organic coffee as Emma tells us:
    As soon as the coffee is organic, you can reduce the CO2 emissions from the production of coffee by 70%”. 

Why is it interesting or, in other words, why should the coffee industry think in environmentally friendly ways? 

Half of the world’s coffee can be gone by 2050. 

If we continue to use coffee the way we do today, the amount of land for cultivation will be halved by 2050. Climate change that creates small temperature increases is enough to affect coffee plantations.

As a frontrunner with a strong focus on circularity and reducing waste

  • Peter Larsen Kaffe’s offices run on fossil-free energy
  • Sort waste
  • Produce on behalf of client orders to reduce waste
  • Full transparency of products (with blockchain validation you can see end to end, i.e. which farmer has produced which coffee beans)
  • Co-creator of a circular coffee community that breathes innovation toward a sustainable coffee future, Circular Coffee Community.

Can circular coffee lead a green way forward? Circularity in its entirety is undoubtedly thinking long-term and has the environment at its center. Peter Larsen Kaffe takes the initiative on opportunities within their framework and at the same time thinks outside and invites people in. It is no coincidence that they are known as one of the most sustainable coffee brands, an honorable job and this can also be seen in the overview below where some of their partners are mentioned: 

  • 7-eleven
  • AaB
  • Aalborg Håndbold
  • ARoS
  • Billund Airport
  • Bühlmann group
  • Circle K
  • Dagrofa Foodservice
  • Den Gamle By
  • (Era of We)
  • FCM
  • Flying Superkids
  • FTZ
  • Hørkram
  • Hotel Koldingfjord
  • Info-Teria
  • Lomax
  • LOOP
  • McDonald’s
  • MCH
  • MENU Kaffe
  • Moesgaard Museum
  • OK Plus
  • Ørsted
  • Randers FC
  • Silkeborg IF
  • Tivoli Friheden
  • Tv2
  • Vejle BK
  • Viborg FF
  • Viborg HK

How many cups of coffee does Peter Larsen Coffee deliver all year round?

Peter Larsen Kaffe delivers approx. What will correspond to 638 million cups of coffee for the Danes per year

(subject to different serving sizes, e.g. Espresso for filter coffee, the numbers may vary.) 

Thanks to Peter Larsen Kaffe and Emma Riis Nielsen for allowing us to come by and feel your inspiration for coffee. We look forward to following you toward a more circular coffee industry and seeing innovative collaborations flourish, we wish you good luck! 


If you have a good idea or a question, write it in the comment field and we will pass it on to Emma Riis Nielsen from Peter Larsen Kaffe.

As Emma concludes:

“Please reach out to us. We would love to hear about all ideas and all proposals so we together can bring this coffee industry in a more circular direction.”


Peter Larsen Kaffe




Circular Coffee Community


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