Modern interior and a minimalistic design are nice but there’s something very unique about things having a history and soul.


Using recycling in your interior design brings a special unique touch to your home or apartment whether you want to bring more life into the room, a raw vintage style, or just want to give your kitchen or bathroom more personality – and then it’s even sustainable and cheap!

A sustainable lifestyle and modern interior design

There are a lot of beautiful second-hand furniture out there but if you’re not an experienced treasure hunter or if you don’t have a good sense of interior design and recycling it might seem difficult and unmanageable to get started.


At Livo we believe that together we can make a difference for the environment and we love seeing things coming back to life! In this article, you will find a variety of tips to get started well with a sustainable interior design using recycled pieces – and you don’t have to be an experienced handyman!😁

Obtain a pretty apartment or home: A stylish design with distinctive features

When decorating with recycled items or furniture there are some specific tips and guidelines you can follow to ensure that your mission is completed. Everyone of course has a different style and taste and we recommend finding something that suits exactly you and the expression that you want to give your home – the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at home!


But do you want to ensure that the pieces you choose fit with the interior design that you’ve already created? And is it a bit difficult to spot the second-hand gold in the crowd?

Interior design with recycled pieces can create a special and unique style - Let your personality shine through!
We will help you out by sharing our best recycling tips so that you can find new inspiration for your home.

1. Keep it stylish

When hunting second-hand gold it’s a good idea to look for some of the colors and the style that you’ve already got at home. This way you will make sure that your new furniture fits well with your interior design and contributes nicely to your home. It might be a good idea to find a few characteristic pieces that stand out if you also want to create life and personality.

2. Characteristic icons

Let some elements in each room stand out to break the stylish design. These could be things that you care extra about, furniture with a unique design, or a lamp in vibrant color. This will bring life and depth and will quickly give the room some extra personality and charisma.
A pretty orange hassock breaks the low-key style.

3. New and modern mixed with nice and second-hand

You can choose to go all-in on a sustainable and recycled interior design but if you don’t feel ready to do so yet, you can easily mix new modern furniture with your pretty second-hand treasures. Mixing new with old will give a unique look! In this case, it’s just important to make sure that your second-hand findings mix well with your interior design to create a connection between your recycled elements and your newer furniture.
An older dresser gets new life with a modern and minimalistic design.

4. Be creative and try DIY

This one is for the brave second-hand hunter! Have you found an older dresser or chair that is actually a great piece of furniture but unfortunately doesn’t fit well with your style? No problem! Furniture of wood can quickly come to life and get another style with a bit of paint. Be creative and adapt your new dresser to your design at home. An older dresser painted with a new fresh color will give your room a modern retro style.


If you are a bit handy you can also replace handles and grips with new ones and this way you get a completely different piece of furniture! When you have been part of the process yourself your interior design will suddenly get a completely different and way more personal significance!🙃

An older display cabinet painted in a nice dusty blue color – For a raw unfinished look, you don’t have to be a professional painter!

5. Avoid being limited by geography: Find second-hand treasures all around Denmark!

Are you tired of looking through the same local second-hand store time after time? Expand your horizons and search for recycled gold in all of Denmark! A good place to look for specific recycled furniture is DBA, Facebook marketplace, or similar platforms. There are also a lot of interesting second-hand stores and markets around the country where you will quickly find everything you need for your home 😃. Avoid being limited by distance – We’ve found the perfect solution for the transport!🚚


Another great idea is to follow second-hand accounts on Instagram for more inspiration where many of those also arrange markets or sell furniture through their profiles (Try searching for the hashtag #genbrugsguld (meaning second-hand gold in Danish).

But what about the transport?

If you find a nice-looking sofa or the perfect dining table far from your home you can easily arrange cheap transport with the Livo app in all of Greater Copenhagen. Livo is an app that gives people the opportunity to share the shipping while helping to fill up all of the empty cars already driving around the roads of Copenhagen. We know that together we can make a big difference for the environment!🌱 We need you as part of the community to start exploring the already existing resources all around Greater Copenhagen!☝️

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Want to know more about transport in Copenhagen and shipping of second-hand items and furniture? In our former blog article here, you can read more about how to easily arrange transport otherwise you’re always welcome to contact us right here!

We are looking forward to helping you with your transport!🥳

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